3D Design 

Seventy30 design studio caters to an extensive range of 3D Design services to various industries , providing 3D Designs which meets their specifications.
Our aim navigate the creation of the CAD Design plans & making those 2D CAD Designs a reality. We are able to blend industry regulations with client requirements to create functional 3D projects. 

3d model creation

utilising client 2D Cad design/sketches, we will transform your plans into a reality.

Our 3D Modelling services allows our clients to visualize their ideas in reality by using a broad collection of 3D Modelling software , we are able to create detailed and lifelike views of any project from different angles .We offer 3D modelling services to various industries by creating virtual prototypes that can help during the conceptualization or product development phase.

3d rendEring & visualisation

Clients are able to visualise their spaces with our 3D rendering visualization service. We offer a customized services to cater for our specific client needs.

We transform clients 2D /3D Designs into photo-realistic visuals. Watch your product come to life before the physical construction has commenced

Our 3D Rendering & 3D visualization services  are not only used for large-scale developments in industries such as Real estate , Interior Designers and Property Developers but its a fantastic way for Private Home Owners to visualise their own home improvements clearly and work out any potential problems before the detailed work begins.

3d floor plans

A great sales tool, real estate & property developers that need something concrete to sell to potential home buyers before construction. Show off an ideal living space that is fully-colored, fully-furnished and strikingly realistic.3D floor plans is a great cost-effective method to understand an architectural floor plan.
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